About Us

Wheels Of Hope Rising Foundation aim at impacting on every facet of human endeavors. Yet under this condition majority of our women and children live as if these scientific developments are a fairy tale. Poverty and diseases define potentials of our people. The Situation in most of our rural areas, Shanties and Ghettos leave a huge gulf in our development plan.

Against this background therefore, Wheels of Hope Foundation solicits for your kind contribution in whatever measure to make the world a better place for some of the poor around us.

Our Mission Statement

Improving our society by helping and supporting the underprivileged in the rural communities.

Mission Objective

WHRF are to help individuals, families, communities and group of persons who are socially disadvantaged and to contribute to the creation of conditions that will enhance social functioning and prevent breakdown.

  We work with children, youth and rural communities in Nigeria to provide equal access to quality education and training, and mobilizing resources for personal and community development and empowerment.

  To develop a dynamic and well structured channel for bridging the gap between potential beneficiaries and resources obtained for development.

  To create a friendly and neutral atmosphere for the needy to discuss their issues and providing support to alleviate their burden and create share prosperity.

  To partner with corporate organizations in providing effective corporate social responsibility solutions to people living in the rural communities.

  We work with nonprofit sector to create global partnership for good and sustainable rural development in Nigeria and Africa.

  WHRF Strategic Plan also reaffirms the organization’s commitment to contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Vision

Having the life in fullness to all Human beings Making Many Mighty Men/Women.

Our Values





Our Strategy


  Resource Mobilization

  Community Mobilization


Who We Are

  Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation is a humanitarian relief and development organization dedicated to working with children. Families     and communities to give hope to the hopeless. We serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. We are     non-governmental, non-social economical, non- political and non-profitable organization.

  We believe that the good health of both individual, society and community as a whole is vital to the development of our Society.

  We believe the people in poverty often do the best they can in difficult circumstance, we just enable them to use their own strengths     and ingenuity to make a living.

  Access to education is fundamental human right whether a child is street, involved, disable or disadvantage- We believe they deserve     the chance to go to school.

Our Passion

The foundation was borne out of the desire of the foundation members to step into society and wipe away tears from the face of Orphans and vulnerable children by giving them comfort. And to also reach out to other less privileged in the society who are critical in needs and require urgent medical materials and financial assistance.